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When Yorkshire based singer and songwriter Carolynne auditioned for X Factor back in 2012, the Country Music scene here in the UK was full of excitement at the prospect of a Country artist being on such a big show and that the genre might grab the attention of an audience of millions. Carolynne made it as a finalist on the show, however was eliminated on the first live show but not without a stellar performance of Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be”.

Fast forward to 2017 and Carolynne is set to release her long-awaited EP “Coming Back to You”, which will be available to buy or download April 7th 2017.

“Coming Back to Me” starts with a tribute to her Grandmother who introduced Carolynne to country music, in the form of a haunting version of The Supremes classic “Stop in the Name of Love”. It’s a step away from the original while managing to keep the soul aspect, but a great version of a classic

Diving into the first up tempo number, the title alone is fun and grabs my attention “Cupid Must Have Been High”. It’s a song that I can imagine TV show character Juliette Barnes singing on CMT’s “Nashville”.

“Real Man” is a sassy number about wanting to find the right guy instead of attracting the wrong ones. Lyrically it’s quite clever, includes references to all the modern dating mishaps in a humorous way and is a track I’m sure it’ll make listeners smile in agreement – particularly fans of “50 Shades of Grey”.

At times there can be a divide with UK country fans on homegrown acts, are they country or not? Much like the genre as a whole I suppose. However, if you were to make a compilation of tracks that best represent UK Country acts, “Let Me Unlove You” should be on it. It’s a beautiful ballad that shows breaking up with someone isn’t always that simple and love doesn’t go straight away even if you’ve been done wrong. Amongst the fun and upbeat tracks on the ep, this shows a more vulnerable side of Carolynne and allows her to really shine as a serious songwriter, highlights what a strong vocalist she is and is exactly the kind of track I wanted from her.

Finishing with “Coming Back to Me” the title track is about Carolynne coming back to music, with her saying “I’ve lost my way with music at points in my life, I’ve fallen in and out of love with it but it always finds its way back to me”.

Track Listing;

  1. Stop in the Name of Love
  2. Cupid Must Have Been High
  3. Real Man
  4. Let Me Unlove You
  5. Coming Back to Me

Having seen Carolynne perform live on a couple of occasions and hearing the “Coming Back to Me”, it’s clear that she can mix up fun and tongue in cheek numbers with more serious ballads well and I have to say it’s ballads where she excels and where her vocal talent really shines through. “Let Me Unlove You” is the highlight of the ep for me and I’m sure it will be for many others, as is “Stop in the Name of Love.” It’s nice to see an artist be able to switch from fun and sassy to serious and with an element of drama quite easily, as it shows different sides to her personality and as a performer.

“Coming Back to Me” is a solid effort for a debut ep that is a perfect blend of ballads and up tempo songs and hopefully will be the catalyst to more music. With UK artists beginning to get more exposure, now is the perfect time for Carolynne to strike while the iron is hot and she can certainly do that with this material. If you get the opportunity to see Carolynne perform live, I definitely recommend that you do.

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