Review: Adam Wakefield, “Blame It On Me”


You may know him as a finalist on Season 10 of the US version of “The Voice” where he finished in second place as a member of Blake Shelton’s team. Despite not winning, Adam Wakefield’s raspy voice will be one that we have not heard the last of.

Competing on a national singing show can be the make or break of an artist, some capitalize on the exposure and some seem to disappear into the abyss but luckily for us Wakefield is working on his first EP and in the meantime has released his new single “Blame It on Me” to give fans a taste of what they can expect.

Upon first listen it is difficult to not make the comparison between Wakefield and Chris Stapleton, but that’s not a bad thing. Both artists have very distinctive voices and have bluegrass roots but Wakefield has more of a rockier edge to his sound which will set him apart.

“Blame It on Me” is a song that can be interpreted in different ways and the view point in which the story is told will change with each listen, going from a guy who is willing to accept responsibility for wrongdoings that he maybe didn’t do at all to appease his ex who he wants back or him accepting blame for what he did do that he wants to make right.

Everything comes together to create a great track to introduce himself as an artist, from the lyrics, the production to his soulful vocals which really shine and pack a punch during the chorus’. As a first single, Wakefield has done a brilliant job and I’m already waiting as patiently as I can to hear more.

You can hear the single yourself on Spotify, where it is featured on our “Completely Country Loves” Playlist or by downloading from iTunes.

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