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Through the years, the quest of any artist is to find diversity and growth in their work, all in the fear of monotony, yet all in the hope of consistency. In a sense, it’s a double-edged sword. How do you mature without losing those qualities that made you so liked in the first place? It’s the conundrum that has given us one-hit-wonders, but also the George Strait’s and Dolly Parton’s, too.

With Brett Eldredge’s new self-titled release, the feat of diversity and consistency have both been conquered, and the traits that made fans react so well to his previous releases — “Bring You Back”,Illinois”, and “Glow” are all intact, and then some.

Under the direction of producer Ross Copperman, the 12-track album is an exemplary example of what happens when a great singer collaborates with a great producer and great songwriters. Take “The Reason”, for example, a song about a man in a late-night, drunken stupor wanting his lost love back. It’s the lyrical and musical story of regret, bookended by a piano, the kind you would expect in an old-time-y bar that sells the track. Eldredge’s sultry vocals help, too, connoting the rise and fall of the cadence of a contrite, drunken conversation in one’s own head.

Even though Eldredge is an obvious fit for the smooth and classic, he is no stranger to the upbeat. “Love Someone”, “Superhero”, “Somethin’ I’m Good At”, “Heartbreaker”, and “Crystal Clear” all fit the bill. “Love Someone” stands out particularly, not just because it happens to be the first track on the album, but because of its toe-tapping quality and shimmering instrumentation.

The lead single, “Somethin’ I’m Good At”, is another stand-out as well. It’s an endearingly self-deprecating look at everything he can’t do well, and the only thing he can do good…love. Eldredge, on the other hand, shouldn’t sell himself short; that is, if he feels any relation to the song. Unsurprisingly, he’s quite good with music, too. With “Brett Eldredge”, he’s not only good with it, he’s great. And you can take that to the bank.

Track Listing:

  1. Love Someone
  2. Superhero
  3. The Long Way
  4. The Reason
  5. Somethin’ I’m Good At
  6. Haven’t Met You
  7. No Stopping You
  8. Brother
  9. Heartbreaker
  10. Crystal Clear
  11. Cycles
  12. Castaway

You can buy or stream “Brett Eldredge”, as well as his other studio releases, from iTunes, Amazon, and other major retailers or streaming services. Be sure to follow Brett on social media and at his website.

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